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Single EID Slaughter SET Tag

One Electronic SET tag A single electronic slaughter tag (for lambs less than 12 months of age moving directly from the farm to birth to slaughter) Note that the Animal Numbers will be supplied by the Department.


This is your old style herd number e.g. A1234567 - we'll find your Flock Identifier (to be printed on the tag) for you.

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€1.28 inc VAT
The minimum quantity you can order is 10

The only EID sheep tag you'll ever need! Light, durable and easy-to-apply one-piece ear tag.

Designed with retention in mind, our tags are suitable for use in day old lambs, and are built to last for the lifetime of the animal. They are Department of Agriculture approved for Mart or Slaughter use.

With the tag in the ear, the male side (with the pin) is the upper side. Also, the colours you see on your screen may not exactly match the actual tag colour so if you are uncertain, please ask for a free sample before placing your order.

Free SET Tag Applicator with your first order of 200 or more SET Tags!